Valentines Day Quotes in English

You Are My Best Friend, My Partner, and My Soulmate. I Love You.

To the Most Amazing Woman Who I Am Lucky Enough to Call My Wife.

I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the Most Special Person in My Life.

I Never Liked Valentine's Day, and Then I Met You and I Understood What It Was All About.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Would You Do Me the Honor of Being My Wife?

I Wanted Someone to Care, I Wanted Someone to Love, I Wanted Someone to Be True, and All I Want is Someone Like You.

I Can't Imagine Life Without You. Will You Hold My Hand Tight for the Rest of the Life? Please Be Mine.

Be With Me Here, There and Everywhere. I Love You!

My Love, Thank You for Changing My World With Your Astonishing Love and Beauty. Have a Valentine Day That is as Amazing as the True Love We Share.

It is the Best Day to Tell You That I Have Fallen for You. Please Be My Valentine?

I Wish You Find All the Love in This World, All the Warm Hugs That Block You From Sorrow and All the Kisses That Fill Your Heart With Joy.

You’re All I Ever Wanted and I’m So Glad You’re Mine. Wishing the Sweetest.

Without You I Am Nothing, With You I Am Everything. Thank You to Be My Everything.

Happy Valentine’s Day! May You Celebrate Love Not Only This One Day but Throughout the Year, Have a Great One.

“For Me Reality World is Much Better Where I Am With You, That’s Why I Don’t Fall Asleep Easily Because Reality is Better Than Dreams.”

“My Greatest Refreshment in Life is Your Love. I Want to Enjoy This Refreshing Pleasure Always and Forever. So Will, You Be My Valentine?”

“I Love You Not Because of Who You Are, but Because of Who I Am When I Am With You.”

“My Only Motto and Aim of the Life is to Love You and Love You More and More With Each Passing Day.”

“Your Happiness is Essential to Me Like Water is Essential to a Thirsty Person. So My Love for You Will Flourish With the Each Passing Day and Will Touch the Limits of Sky.”

“You Are Not Around Me or With Me, You Are Always Inside Me, Deep in My Soul Where We Both Share a Happy Bond.”

“If You Live to Be a Hundred, I Want to Live to Be a Hundred Minus One Day So I Never Have to Live Without You.”

“My Love You Are the Sweetest Dreams I Ever Had and Our Time Apart is the Darkest Part of My Day Can’t Wait to See You Again.”

“Valentine’s is the Perfect Opportunity for Us to Enjoy and Love Each Other. I Love You Every Day, But Today You’re My Special Valentine.”