Teddy Day Quotes in English

Happy Teddy Day To My Dear Valentine!
Because You're the Teddy Bear of My Life,
Forever by My Side and Ready With a Hug,
Because You Give Me the Warmth and Make Me Smile,
And Fill My Days With Sunshine.

Happy Teddy Day To My Dear Valentine!

You Always There in My Heart,
You Always Flow in My Blood,
And I Want to Know That Are My Real-life Teddy.

Happy Teddy Day!

I Am Sending a Teddy to You,
Love My Teddy Bear,
Kiss My Teddy Bear,
Hug My Teddy Bear,
Keep That Teddy Carefully Because Teddy Has My Heart.

Happy Teddy Day My Love!

A Breathe is a Sign of Life,
A Beat is a Sign of Heart Life,
A Teddy is a Sign of Love,
And Your Love is a Sign of My Life.

Happy Teddy Day!

You're in My Thoughts and in My Heart Wherever I May Go,
On Teddy Bear Day I'd Like to Say, I Care More Than You Know.

Happy Teddy Day Dear!