Teachers Day Quotes in English

Your service to humanity is the greatest of all. You wear the highest, most respected title on earth, a Teacher. Happy Teacher’s day!

#Experience is the “best Teacher” & #Pain is the “grand Teacher”.

A good Teacher is like a candle burning, it consumes itself to light the way for others. Happy Teacher's day!

The influence of Teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future.

One good Teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen.

Good Teachers know how to bring out the best in students.

Education is the key to success in life, and Teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.

A good Teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.

They help us strive for goals, they give us model roles, They are such superb souls, That help sprout ‘student-poles. Happy Teacher day.

Happy Teacher's day! Attending your classes is the highlight of my day!

Dear Teacher, thank you for always guiding me. Happy Teacher's day!

Thanks for being our safe zone, someone who tried to be our friend first and a Teacher later! Happy Teacher's day!

Dear Teacher, wishing you a happy Teachers’ day. Thank you for being the guiding light and for inspiring me to do well in my studies. You are the best Teacher.

Happy Teacher's day to you! Your wisdom, dedication, and kindness will always lead us to the right path and inspire us to be better human beings.

Happy Teacher's day! It has been an honor to get to learn so many things from you; thanks for inspiring me!

Thank you for teaching me with kindness, dear Teacher. Happy Teacher's day!

A Teacher is like candles who spend whole life in giving lights to many students.

Happy Teacher's day, my dear mam.