Sad Shayari in English

More Sad Shayari coming Soon....

Little do you know
How I’m breaking
While you fall asleep.
Little do you know
I’m still haunted by
The memories
Everyone gets tired
Of me at some point,
Then eventually they’ll
Leave. They all do.
You can always make more money
But you can never get back time
Act like a fool
Think like a Brilliant
Those who fly solo
Have the strongest wings
Rule NO. 1 never expect
Anything from anybody
The right book
Can change everything
If you have a problem
With me don’t tell the world
Tell me and finish it with me
One bad chapter
Doesn’t mean your
Life is over don’t quit
I prefer dangerous
Freedom over peaceful
May be your
I love you was
Made in china
You will never know
The power of yourself
Until someone hurts
You badly
Some people need
To open their small
Minds instead of their
Big mouths
Bad relationship
Changes good people
Don’t believe anyone
People can change anytime

More You Love People,
More they will hurt you
Things that are bad
Always taste nice
Remember that
All girls are the same
Then Shut Up &
Date one
I love rumors
I always find
Out amazing Things
About Myself
I never knew
I don’t hurt people
With a lie
I just fu*k them
With a truth
Finding friends
With the same
Mental disorder
Is priceless
When you truly
Love someone,
Their name itself
Becomes an emotion
If you trust someone
Else more than yourself
You will be the biggest