Good Evening Messages in English

Follow the rhythm of your heart,
Heart takes you to the destination,
Where your goodness dwells,
Have a happy evening!

You are so special to me,
You will always be kept in my mind,
Just relax yourself and enjoy your evening,
Good evening my friend!

Relax yourself evening has come,
Enjoy yourself night is going to come,
Prepare yourself morning is yet to come,
Have a good evening!

God is gifting you a clean morning,
To write new things without mistakes,
God is gifting you a remembering afternoon,
To think about persons of your life,
God is gifting you a refreshing evening,
To refresh your mind and body,
God is gifting you a night,
To recollect the things you did for the day,
Good evening!

Here is my wish for you to have a great evening,
Have a cup of coffee, relax and finish off the day’s work,
Good evening and have a great time!

Mornings are fast,
Afternoons are stretchy,
Evenings are refreshing,
Nights are dreamy,
Have a refreshing afternoon!

Love your life to make the life to love you back,
Enjoy the moments, happy moments need involvement,
Happy good evening!

Sun rise or sun set,
East or west,
Evening time has come,
Relax and have a cup of coffee,
Good evening!

Impossible becomes possible only with true friends,
True friendship never makes you fail,
Have a great evening!

If I have a sole purpose here on earth
that would be all because I am made to love you...
Sweet evening to you...

Each time I gaze at a star, I think of you.
Like a star, you seem so near yet so far.
But in my heart is where you truly are.
Even if we’re oceans apart.
Good evening

We come to love not just because it’s what our heart dictates.
We love because God has first loved us.
We are merely reciprocating it towards others.
Good evening

The gentleness of this evening breeze
makes me miss you more and more.
You’ll always have a place in my mind and heart.
Good evening

I may not have what it takes to turn your head
when we cross our roads in the midst of a sea of faces.
But here’s my heart.

I have freely given it for you to keep
without expecting something in return.
I may run out of words,
but I will never run out of love for you.
I love you.
Have a sweetest evening!

Call me selfish.
Call me self-centered if I refuse to share your love with others.
I want to keep you all for myself.
Good evening

You are a certified endangered species in the face of the earth.
I’ve the biggest catch here.
Lucky me because I have you.
Good evening!

If I have another life to live,
I’d still choose another lifetime with you.
I can only find real joy and happiness in your arms.
I love you.
Good evening.

Half of the world is sleeping.
Half of the world is also awake.
But whether I’m awake or asleep, I still love dreaming of you.
That’s how you rock my world.
Good evening.

As your thoughts overwhelm me tonight
I miss your hugs so tight
I miss your lips for me to kiss
Good evening my cute princess.

Here in my bed lying wide awake.
Thoughts of you are swirling in my head.
Good eve I say with hugs and kiss
My night is whirling in heavenly bliss.

I’d like to kiss you goodnight
Even when you’re not at sight
I’ll just kiss you in my thoughts
And keep you there forevermore.

My only wish is to be with you
So my night won’t be so blue
I couldn’t help but draw a smile
While I am thinking of you
Good evening...

Lonely are my nights without you by my side.
I hope you’re also thinking about me the same way I do every night.
My thoughts are just filled with your memories
I’m always longing for your embrace

Before you stick to your bed, know that you’re also stuck in my heart.
And that’s the best feeling I ever had.
Good evening.

You’re the sweetest thing that ever came to me.
I and in the midst of this night, feel the warmth of my embraces.
Enjoy your night in sweetest serenity.

When you feel unloved,
rejected and in pain,
just remember that someone
is just around the corner to give you a lift.
I was and always will be here for you.
Good evening

Freedom is being able to do something for the good of others.
Exercise your freedom with love.
A restful evening to you.

True friends never compete with each other.
Instead, they help build one another in love.
I am thankful that you’re one.
Have a great evening.

Unload your bag of regrets and bitterness from the past.
You might arrive in your future panting and overly exhausted
When you deserve a journey full of smiles, fun and love.
Enjoy your evening.