Friday Quotes

Achcha Lagta Hai Jab Koi Apako Miss Karta Hai, Behatar Lagta Hai Jab Koi Apase Pyaar Karta Hai, Lekin Sabse Achcha Tab Lagta Hai Jab Koi Apako Nahi Bhulta. Shubh Shukravaar!

Prathana Hai Ki Bhagawaan Apake Upar, Apana Pyaar, Krpya Aur Apana Aashirvaad, Sada Apake Upar Banaaye Rakhenge, Aapako Gud friday Pavitr Divas Ki Haardik Shubhakamane!

Jara Sa Muskura Dena Gud Friday Ka Din Hai, Shikave Dil Se Bhula Dena Gud friday Ka Din Hai, Nekee Se Nekee ki Dua Karana Khuda Se Har waqt, Dua Dena, Dua Lena Gud friday Ka Din Hai!

Prabhu Yishu Ke Charno Ki Dhul Hai Ham, Prabhu Ke Liye Saare Phool Hai Ham, Inhi Phoolon Ko Bachaane, Baghiche Ko Sajaane, Hamaare Paapo Ko Prabhu Ne Apanaya, Manush Ko Eeshavarata Ka Paath Padaya. Din Gud Phraide Ka Aaj Pavitr Hai Aaya!

Jeevan Mein Jyaada Rishte Ho Ya Na Ho, Lekin Jo Bhi Rishte Hai Unme, Pyaar Aur Ek Doosare Ka Saath Hona Bahut Jarori Hai, Prabhu Yeeshu Maseeh Ki Aseem Kirpa Aap Par Bani Rahe. Gud Friday!

जिस दिन हमारा मन परमात्मा को याद करने एवं, उनमें दिलचस्पी लेना शुरु कर देगा, उस दिन से हमारी परेशानियाँ हम में दिलचस्पी लेना बंध कर देगी| शुभ शुक्रवार!

जीवन में ज्यादा रिश्ते हो या न हो, लेकिन जो भी रिश्ते है उनमें, प्यार और एक दूसरे का साथ होना बहुत जरूरी है, प्रभु यीशु मसीह की असीम कृपा आप पर बनी रहे| शुभ शुक्रवार!

अच्छा लगता है जब कोई आपको मिस करता है, बेहतर लगता है जब कोई आपसे प्यार करता है, लेकिन सबसे अच्छा तब लगता है जब कोई आपको नही भूलता| शुभ शुक्रवार!

प्रार्थना है कि भगवान आपके ऊपर, अपना प्यार, कृप्या और अपना आशीर्वाद, सदा आपके ऊपर बनाये रखेंगे, आपको गुड फ्राइडे पवित्र दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ!

जरा सा मुस्कुरा देना गुड फ्राइडे का दिन है, शिकवे दिल से भुला देना, गुड फ्राइडे का दिन है, नेकी से नेकी की दुआ करना खुदा से हर वक़्त, दुआ देना, दुआ लेना गुड फ्राइडे का दिन है!

प्रभु यीशू के चरणों की धुल है हम, प्रभु के लिए सारे फूल है हम, इन्ही फूलों को बचाने,बगीचे को सजाने, हमारे पापो को प्रभु ने अपनाया, मनुष्य को ईशवरता का पाठ पढ़ाया| दिन गुड फ्राइडे का आज पवित्र है आया!

जीवन में ज्यादा रिश्ते हो या न हो, लेकिन जो भी रिश्ते है उनमें, प्यार और एक दूसरे का साथ होना बहुत जरूरी है, प्रभु यीशु मसीह की असीम कृपा आप पर बनी रहे| गुड फ्राइडे!

I don’t care if any other day exists or not. But I’ll go crazy if there is no Friday. I know the same thing goes for you too. Happy Friday!

Friday is like a good, loyal lover. Whether you want it or not, it keeps coming back in life. Happy Friday my dear colleague!

Fridays are special to us since when we were kids. I hope you are enjoying every Friday of your life as a kid. Happy Friday!

Weekends wouldn’t be so special for us if there was no Friday. Make the best of it this week. Wishing you a very enjoyable Friday with your family!

You have worked hard during the whole week. Its time to relax and have a good time with your friends and family. Happy Friday!

All the good things in the world start with ‘F’, like ‘Friday’ and ‘Friend’. Let’s have another fantastic Friday this week. Happy Friday my friend!

The horrors of the entire week are nothing compared to a Friday evening spent with a good friend. Can’t wait to meet you again. Happy Friday!

Friends like you makes Fridays more special. I am waiting to have another spectacular Friday night with you. Happy Friday!

I really wish the other days didn’t exist in a week. I could hang out with you all day long without worrying for the next day. Happy Friday!

Fridays are awesome when we have good friends to have fun with. This Friday is not going to be any funnier than the last one. Happy Friday my friend.

Nothing makes me happier than spending a Friday with my lovely family. I’m coming home to be with you for another exciting Friday. Happy Friday!

I don’t want anything extra-ordinary on Fridays. I just want to be with you guys and share happiness together. Happy Friday!

Fridays offer some really good time to spend time with the people I love and enjoy a good meal prepared by mom. Happy Friday to all!

Good times and good foods with good people. That’s how I describe my Fridays. I love you all and I love Fridays. Happy Friday!

Special days should be spent with special people in our life. That’s why I love to be with you on every Friday of the week. Happy Friday!

Friday is a blessing because it lets me spend time with the most amazing people in the world. A very happy Friday to all of you!

Every day in the week is a nightmare except Friday, in which our sweetest dreams come alive. Welcome to yet another Friday of your life!

I hope this Friday becomes the longest Friday for both us. We both know how much we hate any other day in the week. Happy Friday!

Forget what tomorrow may bring to you. Its Friday today and you don’t need to worry about any other day. Happy Friday to you!

No work, no struggle but a lot of fun, drinks, and parties. This is what Friday offers us every weekend. Are ready to live it once again? Happy Friday!

A good Friday can make you forget the long, cold week you had to survive for the last seven days. I hope this Friday will be a good Friday for you!

Are you ready yet to have the biggest fun of this week? Another Friday has just come and we really need to make it a big one. Happy Friday!

Friday nights are awesome. The day we have all been waiting for the entire week has just come once again. Happy Friday my dear!

Only I know how much you wait for the whole week to have some fun on Fridays. Well, it has come once again. Let’s enjoy it to the fullest!

It feels good to be alive to see one more Friday in life. I know you love the day just as much as I do. Happy Friday! Have a great time!

Fridays are so awesome that every day in the week should be Fridays. Wishing you a day full of cheers and happiness with your family!

Your work day is over and now it is time to have fun. Wish you have a great Friday night. Let‘s get started!

Every Friday is good because it means that a hard week is over and you finally have an opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries for the next week! Have a nice Friday.

It’s such a pity that we have only one Friday a week. It is not enough to celebrate the end of the week, but I still wish you to make the most of it and enjoy it fully.

Fridays are just like small vacations, they let you take a little break and breathe a sigh of relief. But unfortunately, Fridays end so quick, that is why we should enjoy them while we can. Have a nice Friday!

Every Friday is a mini celebration, and every mini celebration deserves to be either a very memorable day or just a relaxing day in bed. Hope you have both!

Why do we love Fridays so much? Because they mean the end of the previous week, but at the same time Monday is not coming too soon. Have a good Friday!

There is nothing better than a Friday night walk around the city. You just let everything go, relax and look at the night sky with a billion stars and a beautiful moon. At times like this you realize that life is damn good.

Friday is the most diverse day of the week. It always offers many different options. You either can go for a nice walk with your friends or go to the club for the whole night. Or you simply can stay at home and enjoy peace and tranquility. Have a great Friday whatever it means to you!

Every Friday is a blessing,Every Friday is a lesson,When you drink too much And your head hurts the next day Now that’s a lesson.

We feel so tired and exhausted at the end of the week but when it comes to Friday, we suddenly lighten up and go to rock the dance floor. Fridays are really magical. Have a nice one!

Friday, Friday, Friday! Today will be the best night ever. I can’t wait for it!

When I was a child I thought that Christmas and my birthday are my favorite days of the year. How wrong I was! Because now the only day of the year I really love and look forward to is Friday! Have a great evening.

Are you ready for tonight? Please put on your best clothes and we will conquer the city. This night is ours.

Do you believe that today is Friday? We must go out and let this Friday be really crazy!

Friday is a day when you can relax and do not think about tomorrow morning. Wish you to have a relaxing Friday.

Do you remember your promise? Today is our going out day! I will wait for you in the evening!

I can’t stop thinking about today. Today it’s a special Friday! We will have an exceptional night!

This Friday will be the Friday of clubs. I know that you really like having fun and dancing like crazy. Get ready!

If I could choose the best day in the week – it would be Friday. This Friday is yours. Wish you to have fun!

I wish you to have an extraordinary Friday. Free your mind! Have fun!

Wish you to have amazing Friday party with your friends. Let’s take an amazing selfies and have a great night! Will wait for your impressions!

Make up, high-heels and red dress – it’s all that you need for tonight. Wish you to have an impressive Friday! Wish you to shine!

I’m very lucky that I have such crazy friend as you. This evening we will have unforgettable Friday. Already looking forward!

Let‘s go to the Friday! Wish you to have a perfect evening and a wonderful night. Today it‘s your Friday!

What do you think about rocking the city this Friday night? Everything is fine? OK, I will wait for you this evening. We will rock the world!

Friday is a big day for all of us. We can take off our work clothes and put on stunning clothes. Everyone has a chance to have some fun!

Can you imagine a week without Fridays? I can’t. So let’s make this Friday really exclusive. Let’s run away from daily routine!

Do you remember our last Friday night in city? It was so fantastic. We have to repeat it!

Friday is a great opportunity to get out from our daily responsibilities and do everything that we want. It’s a beginning of weekend. So get ready!

Can you think of something more exciting than Friday? No, you can’t. Because Fridays have that special aura that makes you feel like everything will be fine. You have a whole weekend to rest and have fun, enjoy!

I don’t wait for my birthdays as much as I wait for Friday each and every weak. Leave your jobs and let the fun begin, people! God blessed us with Fridays for a reason, and this reason is fun!

You’ve been working hard for a whole week, so now it’s time to let yourself rest. Fridays are made to make people happy, that’s why you don’t have a choice but to be happy!

Today you can forget about all of your problems, because it’s finally Friday! The day when you can be free for 24 hours. Chill and relax, let the power of weekend fill you with energy and excitement.

What a day! We can’t be friends if Friday is not your favorite day of the week. May these amazing 24 hours be filled with joy and excitement. Remember: today is all about fun.

No sadness is allowed to enter the Friday! This day is a day that has to be filled with joy and laughter. Put a smile on your face and show the world how you party! Happy Friday!

Fridays are so special. Positive vibes only. Forget about all of your problems and let your brain take a break. You deserved it. I hope you’ve had a nice week and will have an even better Friday.

It’s finally Friday! You can do whatever you want to. You can spend a whole evening on a couch watching Netflix, or go out with your friends and dance all night long. The choice is yours. Have a nice day!

It’s Friday, I’m in love! I love this song so much. I think that the object of love is actually Friday, because nothing can be better than Friday, dah! I hope that today you will have the time of your life.

Friday doesn’t have to be perfect to bring you joy. Just do something you love, see someone you love and feel the love, because in the end that’s all that really matters. Wishing you the happiest Friday ever.

God bless Friday. Can something possibly be better than this amazing day? I hope you will enjoy your Friday and do whatever you want to do, because it’s’ your life and you decide what to do with it. Enjoy!

Wishing you the happiest Friday, bud! Drinks are ready, music is playing, and we’re having a time of our lives! I hope you feel the same. Stay safe during this weekend and don’t forget about the fact that Mondays still exist.

Don’t worry, it’s Friday already! Forget about the fact that you actually have things to do and spend this time finding your inner peace and harmony. May this day be the best beginning of the best weekend.

Don’t you just love Fridays? We can all finally breathe out and shake off our everyday problems, because next couple of days will be all about peace and harmony. Happy Friday to you!