Christmas Quotes in English

The Best of All Gifts Around Any Christmas Tree,
the Presence of a Happy Family All Wrapped Up in Each Other.

I Will Honor Christmas in My Heart, and Try to Keep It All the Year. 

Christmas Waves a Magic Wand Over This World, and Behold,
Everything is Softer and More Beautiful.

Christmas is Doing a Little Something Extra for Someone.

Christmas is the Day That Holds All Time Together. 

Christmas Will Always Be as Long as We Stand Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand. 

Christmas is a Stocking Stuffed With Sugary Goodness.

Christmas is a Season Not Only of Rejoicing but of Reflection.

Christmas is Most Truly Christmas When We Celebrate It by Giving the Light of Love to Those Who Need It Most.

Christmas is Not Just a Time for Festivity and Merry Making.
It is More Than That.
It is a Time for the Contemplation of Eternal Things.
The Christmas Spirit is a Spirit of Giving and Forgiving.

The Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Love and of Generosity and of Goodness. It Illuminates the Picture Window of the Soul, and We Look Out Upon the World's Busy Life and Become More Interested in People Than in Things.

Christmas is a Tonic for Our Souls. It Moves Us to Think of Others Rather Than of Ourselves. It Directs Our Thoughts to Giving.

That's What Christmas Memories Are Made From, They're Not Planned, They're Not Scheduled, Nobody Puts Them in Their Blackberry, They Just Happen.

I Will Honor Christmas in My Heart, and Try to Keep It All the Year.

Blessed is the Season Which Engages the Whole World in a Conspiracy of Love.

Christmas is Not a Date. It is a State of Mind.

I Don't Think Christmas is Necessarily About Things. It's About Being Good to One Another.

Christmas is a Day of Meaning and Traditions, a Special Day Spent in the Warm Circle of Family and Friends.

Christmas is a Time When Everybody Wants His Past Forgotten and His Present Remembered.

Christmas is the Season for Kindling the Fire of Hospitality.

There's Nothing Cozier Than a Christmas Tree All Lit Up.

A Good Conscience is a Continual Christmas.

Christmas is Like Candy. It Slowly Melts in Your Mouth Sweetening Every Taste Bud, Making You Wish It Could Last Forever.

Christmas is a Necessity. There Has to Be at Least One Day of the Year to Remind Us That We're Here for Something Else Besides Ourselves.

Like Snowflakes, My Christmas Memories Gather and Dance. Each Beautiful, Unique, and Gone Too Soon.

Christmas Now Surrounds Us, Happiness is Everywhere. Our Hands Are Busy With Many Tasks as Carols Fill the Air.

It is Christmas in the Heart That Puts Christmas in the Air.

Christmas is Forever, Not for Just One Day. For Loving, Sharing, Giving, Are Not to Put Away.