Anniversary Wishes

May the Love You Share Become Stronger as Both of You Grow Old Together. I Wish You a Lifetime of Happiness Together. Happy Anniversary!

May This Day Bring Countless Joy to Your Life. May the Coming Years of Your Life Be Spent in Loving and Caring for Each Other. Happy Anniversary!

I Wish Both of You a Thousand Years of Happy Married Life. May the Joy of This Day Stay With Forever and Until the Last Breath. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

May God Almighty, With His Divine Power and Grace, Make Your Bond Stronger and Make It Last Forever. I Wish Both of You a Happy Married Life. Happy Anniversary!

May You Love Each Other and Look After Each Other Till the End of the Days. May the Holy Bond of Marriage Between You Grow Stronger and More Romantic by Each Day. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Once Again, the Time Has Come to Look Back a Year and Think About All the Beautiful Moments You Shared Together. My Good Wishes for Both of You. Happy Anniversary!

Only Two Good and Pure Hearts Can Form Such a Heavenly Union. May the Love You Share Continue to Grow in Your Heart as Your Marriage Continue to Grow in Days and in Years. Happy Anniversary!

There’s Nothing as Wonderful as Seeing a Happily Married Pair. Your Happiness Always Reflects by the Smile in Your Face and the Delight in Your Eyes. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

You Two Have Shared Another Loving, Eventful Years Together. I Wish You Many More Years Like This One Ahead in Your Life. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

May God Bless Your Heavenly Bond and Give You All the Happiness That You Deserve and Much More. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

An Anniversary is Basically a Reminder of All the Ups and Downs That You Have Gone Through Which Your Partner. Adore and Love Each Other Throughout Your Lifetime. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Congratulations to One of the Most Romantic Couples That We Have Ever Witness. May Lord Bless You and Always Keep You Together. Happy Anniversary!

Sending You Lots of Love, Admiration, and a Blessing for Your Life Together. Enjoy Your Life Together to the Fullest. Seeing You Two Together Makes Me So Happy. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

On This Very Special Day of Yours, Sending You All My Warm Love. I Hope You Get Blessed With the Very Ounce of Happiness in the World. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Heartiest Wishes for Your Wedding Anniversary. May This Anniversary Bring You Happiness, Luck, and Success in Your Lives. Have a Great Day and a Great Life Ahead. Many Happy Returns of the Day. Happy Anniversary!

I Hope You Two Know That You Guys Are Each Other’s Soulmate. I Feel So Happy That You Guys Met and Decided to Stick With Each Other. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

The Love That You Guys Share is One of a Kind, Hold on to Each Other Forever and Always. May God Bless You Two. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Being With You Under the Same Roof is the Happiest Period of My Life. You Have Given Me So Much Love and Care All These Years. I Wish You a Happy Marriage Anniversary Dear!

It’s the Day I Was Married to the Sweetest, Most Beautiful Person in the World. After All These Years, I Can’t Believe You Only Grew to Be Sweeter and More Beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for Loving Me, Caring for Me and Fighting With Me. I Will Never Get Tired of Being With You Under the Same Roof. Happy Marriage Anniversary!

I Wish I Had More Marriage Anniversaries With You Than My Age. It’s So Sad That I Wasn’t Married to You Since My Birth. But I’ll Be Celebrating My Marriage With You Till My Death. Happy Anniversary!

I’m Thankful to God for Sending You in My Life. I’m Thankful to You for Holding My Hands Forever. Happy Wedding Anniversary Dear!

My Love for You Only Grew From the Day I Married You. So, When I Say It’s Our Marriage Anniversary, It Means My Love for You is Up by One More Level. Happy Anniversary!

People Achieve All Sorts of Things. Some Achieve Success, Some Achieve the Money. But I Achieved a Lover and I Tied Him Up With Me Forever. Happy Marriage Anniversary!

If I Wasn’t Made for You, I Would Never Be Born. And if I Wasn’t Married to You, I Would Never Be Happy. Thank You for Being With Me All These Years. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Seeing You Together, Always Happy and Smiling Makes Me Realize That Happy Marriage Still Exists. God Blessed Both of You by Giving You to Each Other. Happy Anniversary!

A Happy Marriage Does Not Just Happen to People, They Have to Make It a Happy One. Congratulations to Both of You for Making It Work for Such a Long Time. Happy Anniversary!

Your Marriage is One of the Most Beautiful Bonds That I Have Ever Seen. You Guys Deserve a Big Appreciation for Making It Such a Strong One. Happy Anniversary!

You Two Have Given This Marriage Such Strength Over the Years That Nothing in This World Can Break It Now. Happy Anniversary to Both of You Lovebirds!

The Number of Years You Have Spent Together Tells About Your Marriage More Than We Can Ever Say About It. You Two Are Just Unbelievably Awesome. Happy Anniversary!

It’s Not About the Candles or the Lights, It’s About the Spark of Love in Your Eyes That is Ignited Every Time You Look at Each Other. Happy Anniversary!

Its Difficult to Make a Marriage Work Nowadays. But You Two Have Proved Once Again That True Love Doesn’t Know Any Barrier. Happy Anniversary!

The Years You Have Spent Together Only Says One Thing, That is You Both Were Truly and Only Made for Each Other. Happy Anniversary!

You Brought the Real Happiness Into My Life. You Make Me Feel Complete. I Wish I Could Love You as Much as You Love Me. Happy Anniversary!

It Doesn’t Matter How Many Times I Have Told You That I Love You, Actually, It Never Gets Old to Say That I Love You. Happy Anniversary My Sweetheart!

I Wish on Our Anniversary That Our Love Will Never Be Seized, It Will Wider Than the Sky, Grow Higher Than the Everest, Brighter Than the Stars, Stronger Than the Diamond and Warmer Than the Sun. Happy Anniversary!

I’m the Luckiest Guy to Have You Beside Me. It’s Cool to Get the Chance to Spend My Every Day and Night With You. Happy Anniversary!

I’m So Much Happy to Have You in My Life. In Every Way, You Complete Me, Dear. Thank You for Everything. Happy Anniversary Wishes to My Lovely Wife!

Through My Life’s Ups and Downs, You’re Always There. In You, I Have Found My Spouse, Lover, Partner, and Best Friend Forever. Happy Anniversary!

You Make Me So Happy the Way No One Can. My Love for You Will Never Ever Slow Down. I Will Love You the Decade to Century and Life After Life. Lots of Love to You. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Sweetheart, You’re a Special Part of My Heart and Soul. You Have Created a Rainbow Inside My Heart With Your Heavenly Love. Keep Loving Me Like This. Happy Anniversary!

With You, My Life Getting Better Every Single Day and I Know Without You It Won’t. Today I Promise That All My Dreams Are About Making Yours Come True. Happy Anniversary!

Peace, Love, Happiness, Romance These All Things Permanently Appeared to Me When I Have Got Married to You. You Are Such a Divine Gift for Me. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

You’re My Colorful Dream, an Artist Painting, You’re the Light of My Moon, Sunshine in the Morning, You’re the Only Shore in My River and My Love Forever. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Sweetheart, I Love You Terribly. With You, All the Experiences Are Beautiful for Me. I Feel Peach When You Are Next to Me. Wish You a Happy Wedding Anniversary!

I May Have Expressed My Love to You Times More Than the Stars in the Sky but It’s Always Enchanting for Me to Offer You Love on This Special Day. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. Happy Anniversary!

Today, as We Celebrate Our 1st Wedding Anniversary, I Just Want to Thank You for Everything You Did to Make Our Marriage Happy. Love You So Much. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

On Our First Anniversary, I’m Going to Reveal a Secret to You. And That is, “you’re My Dreams Come True and the Secret of Boundless Happiness. I Love You. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

There is Nothing That Could Hold Me to Love You More and More. Do Not Untie My Hands Even in the Difficult Moments of Our Life. Happy Marriage Anniversary!

Marrying You Was the Best Decision of My Life and Get Married to the World’s Most Beautiful Woman Was My Supper Luck. Thank God and Thank You Too. Happy 1st Anniversary!

Aap Dono Ek Saath Kitne Aache Lagte Ho,
Aap Dono Yuhi Ek Dusare Se Pyar Karte Raho,
Aap Dono Ka Pyaar Pehle Se Bhi Jayada Gehra Ho Jaye,
Hum Mangate Hai Bhagwan Se Yehi Dua.
Happy Anniversary!

बहुत बहुत मुबारक है ये समां,
बड़ा नायाब लग रहा होगा जहाँ,
खुशियाँ बाटों एक दूसरे के संग,
रास आये आपको सालगिरह का हर रंग।
सालगिरह की हार्दिक बधाई!

Har Mausaum Mai Aap Dono Milte Rahe,
Har Sawan Mai Aap Dono Ka Pyaar Khilta Rahe,
Har Janam Mai Aap Dono Ka Prem Yuhi Badtha Rahe.
Happy Anniversary!

Dil Se Hamari Ek Dua He, Koi Gila Nahi,
Wo Gulaab Jo Aaj Tak Kabhi Khila Nahi,
Aaj Ke Din Aapko Wo Sab Kuch Mile,
Jo Aaj Tak Kabhi Kisi Ko Mila Nahi.
Happy Anniversary!

Dua Karata Hu Aap Dono Ke Beech Mai Waisa Hi Pyar Rahe,
Jaisa Shadi Ke Pehle Din Tha, Aur Wo Pyar Aapke Jivan Mai Hamesha,
Khushi Aur Sneh Banaye Rakhe.
Happy Anniversary!

Aaj Aapki Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Ke Avsar Par,
Dil Se Ye Dua Karte Hai,
Ki Har Sapna Poora Ho Aapka,
Aur Khwaab Saare Sawarte Rahe.
Happy Anniversary!

Aaj Aapki Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Par,
Aapko Dil Se Yaad Kiya Jaa Raha Hai,
Ye Khoobsurat Jodi Hamesha Salamat Rakhna,
Khuda Se Kaha Jaa Raha Hai.
Happy Anniversary!

Aap Dono Humare Aziz Hai,
Jo Khushiyon Mein Rang Bharte Hai,
Aapki Jodi Hamesha Salamat Rahe,
Uper Wale Se Bas Yahi Dua Karte Hai.
Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Mubarak!

Aap Dono Ke Rishte Ko Bhagwan Ne,
Badi Duaon Se Nawaza Hai Itne Saal,
Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Mubarak Ho,
Jeeyo Dil Khol Kar Raho Khush Haal.
Happy Anniversary!

Aap Dono Ki Jodi Na Tute,
Khuda Kare Aap Kabhi Na Ruthe,
Yuhi Ek Hokar Aap Ye Zindagi Bitayein Ki,
Aap Dono Se Khushyion Ke Ek Pal Bhi Na Chhute.
Happy Anniversary!

Aapki Jodi Salamat Rahe,
Jeewan Mein Beshumaar Pyar Bahe,
Har Din Aap Khushi Se Manaye.
Anniversary Ki Hardik Shubhkamnayein!

वो चाँद है मगर आपसे प्यारा तो नहीं,
परवाने का शमा के बिन गुजारा तो नहीं,
मेरे दिल ने सुनी है एक मीठी सी आवाज,
कहीं आपने मुझे पुकारा तो नहीं।
हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी!

फूल से तुम महकते हो,
दिल तुम्हारा आबाद है ना,
चाँद से तुम चमकते हो,
रूह तुम्हारी शाद है ना,
आज तुम्हारी सालगिरह,
देखो हमको याद है ना।
सालगिरह मुबारक!

आज के इस शुभ दिन पर,
आपके प्रारंभिक वैवाहिक जीवन की यात्रा,
आपसी प्यार, समर्पण और सुन्दर तालमेल से,
आपकी जीवन बगियाँ खुशियों से महक उठे,
प्रभु राधा-कृष्ण की तरह हमेशा आपकी जोड़ी बनाये रखें।
हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी!

आप दोनों के रिश्ते को भगवान ने बड़ी दुआयों से नवाज़ा है इतने साल,
शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो,
जियो दिल खोलकर, रहो खुश हर हाल।
सालगिरह मुबारक!

रब ना करे कभी तुम्हें खुशियों की कमी हो,
तुम्हारे क़दमों के नीचे फूलों की ज़मीन हो,
आँसू ना हो तुम्हारी आँखों में कभी,
अगर हो तो वो खुशियों की नमी हो।
सालगिरह मुबारक!

मेरी राहों के जो जुगनू हैं वो तेरे हैं,
तेरी राहों के जो अँधेरे हैं वो मेरे हैं,
छू सकता नहीं कोई ग़म तुझको,
क्योंकि तुझ पर दुआयों के जो पहरे हैं वो मेरे हैं।
सालगिरह मुबारक!

बादल बहुत गरजा मगर बरसात नहीं आई,
दिल ज़ोर से धड़का मगर आवाज़ नहीं आई,
सालगिरह का दिन बगैर हिचकी के गुज़र गया,
लगता है आपको हमारी याद नहीं आई।
सालगिरह मुबारक!

चाहत हो ख़ुशी हो, तेरे दामन में वफ़ा हो,
महकी हुई एक शाम तेरी सालगिरह हो,
इस दिन के तसव्वुर से संवर जाएं नज़ारे,
इसी दिन तेरे क़दमों में बिखर जाएं सितारे।
सालगिरह मुबारक!

आप दोनों की प्यारी जोड़ी ऊपर वाले की देन है,
उसे प्यार और समपर्ण से आपने सींचा है,
कभी न उतरे आप दोनों से प्यार का बुखार,
बस इसी तरह बना रहे ये प्यार।
आपको शादी की सालगिरह की शुभकामनाएं!

आपकी जोड़ी सलामत रहे,
जीवन में बेशुमार प्यार बहे,
हर दिन आप ख़ुशी से मनाये।
आपको शादी की सालगिरह की शुभकामनाएं!

कभी ख़ुशी कभी गम ये प्यार हो न कभी कम,
खिलते रहो एक दूजे की आँखों में,
महकते रहो एक दूजे के दिल में,
बढ़ते रहो सफलताओं से साथ में,
प्यार में, तकरार में, जीत में, हार में,
हर पल हर लम्हा प्यार यूँ ही बढ़ता रहे।
हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी!

जीवन की बगियां हरी रहें,
जीवन में खुशियां भरी रहें,
यह जोड़ी यूं ही बनी रहें,
सौ सालों तक यूं ही सजी रहें।
शादी की सालगिरह की शुभकामनाएं!

ईश्वर करे ऐसे ही आती रहे आपकी वर्ष गांठ,
आपका रिश्ता प्यार का छुए नया आकाश,
ऐसे महके जीवन का हर पल,
जैसे हर दिन हो त्यौहार।
हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी!

सात फेरों से बंधा यह प्यार का बंधन,
जीवन भर यूं ही बंधा रहे,
किसी की नजर ना लगे आपके प्यार को,
और आप यूं ही हर साल सालगिरह मनाते रहे।
शादी की सालगिरह की ढ़ेरों शुभकामनाएं!

फूल जैसे सबसे खूबसूरत लगते हैं बाग में,
वैसे ही आप दोनों जचते हैं साथ में।
शादी की सालगिरह की ढ़ेरों शुभकामनाएं!

जन्मों जन्मों तक आपका रिश्ता यूं ही बना रहे,
खुशियां आपके जीवन में हर दिन नए रंग भरे,
दुआ है रब से आपका रिश्ता यूं ही सलामत रहे।
शादी की सालगिरह की बहुत-बहुत शुभकामनाएं!

विश्वास की डोर कभी कमजोर ना हो,
प्यार का बंधन कभी कमजोर ना हो,
सालों साल आपकी जोड़ी सलामत रहे।
शादी की सालगिरह की बहुत सारी बधाईयाँ!

स्वर्ग से भी खूबसूरत हो आपका जीवन,
फूलों की खुशबू से महकता रहे आपका जीवन,
ऐसे ही एक-दूजे के संग जीवन जीते रहे।
इसी दुआ के साथ शादी की सालगिरह पर शुभकामनाएं!

सागर से भी गहरा है आपका रिश्ता,
आसमान से भी ऊंचा है आपका रिश्ता,
दुआ है रब से आपका रिश्ता ऐसा बने जैसे,
प्यार की पहचान हो आप का रिश्ता।
शादी की सालगिरह की शुभकामनाएं!

गागर से लेकर सागर तक,
प्यार से लेकर विश्वास तक,
जीवन भर आपकी जोड़ी सलामत रहे।
इसी दुआ के साथ शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो!

समर्पण का दूसरा भाव हैं आपका रिश्ता,
विश्वास की अनूठी गाथा हैं आपका रिश्ता,
प्यार की मिसाल हैं आपका रिश्ता।
शादी की सालगिरह की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएं!

इस शादी की सालगिरह पर दुआ है हमारी,
ये सात फेरों का रिश्ता सात जन्मो तक गहरा हो,
ना कभी आप रूठे ना कभी वो रूठे,
थोड़ी नोक-झोंक और ढेर सारा प्यार हो।
सालगिरह मुबारक!

दिल की गहराई से दुआ दी है आपको,
लोगों का प्यार सदा ही मिले आपको,
नज़र ना लगे कभी इस प्यार को,
चाँद-सितारों से भी लंबा हो यह साथ आपका।
शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो आपको!

इस शादी की सालगिरह पर,
आपको दिल से बधाई देते हैं,
क्योंकि आप जैसे ख़ास लोग,
दुनिया में बहुत कम दिखाई देते हैं।
शुभ सालगिरह!

आप दोनों की जोड़ी कभी ना टूटे,
खुदा करे आप एक दूसरे से कभी न रूठे,
यूंही एक होकर आप ये ज़िन्दगी बिताएं,
की आप दोनों से खुशियों के एक पल भी न छूटे।
शादी की सालगिरह की ढ़ेरों शुभकामनाएं!

भगवान आपको और आपके परिवार को सुख समृद्धि से जोड़े रखे,
और दिन प्रतिदिन तरक्की की और ले जाए।
आपको शादी की सालगिरह की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये!

ख्वायिश ऐ ज़िन्दगी बस इतनी सी है कि,
साथ तुम्हारा हो और ज़िन्दगी कभी खत्म ना हो।
शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो!

बहुत बहुत मुबारक है ये समां,
बड़ा नायब लग रहा होगा जहाँ,
खुशियाँ बाटों एक दूसरे के संग,
रास आये आपको सालगिरह का हर रंग।
शादी की सालगिरह की ढ़ेरों शुभकामनाएं!

हसीन लोगों के हसीन पल,
हसीन पलों की रोशनियां,
आप दोनों के लिए तहे दिल से,
शादी की सालगिरह की बधाईयाँ।
शुभ सालगिरह!

Aapne Ek Doosre Ki Zindagi Ko,
Kitni Khoobsurati Se Sawara Hai,
Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Dil Se Manaao,
Aapka Ye Rishta Bada Hi Pyara Hai.
Happy Anniversary!

Aapki Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Ho,
Aur Humko Aapki Yaad Na Aaye,
Ae Dost Aisa Din Kabhi Hume,
Khuda Galati Se Bhi Na Dikhaye.
Happy Anniversary!

Bahut Bahut Mubarak Hai Ye Sama,
Bada Nayaab Lag Raha Hoga Jahan,
Khushiyan Baaton Ek Dooje Ke Sang,
Raas Aaye Aapko Anniversary Ka Har Ek Rang.
Happy Anniversary!

Phool Khilte Rahe Zindagi Ki Raah Mai,
Hansi Chamakti Rahe Aapki Nigaah Mai,
Kadam Kadam Par Mile Khusi Ki Bahar Aapko,
Dil Deta Hai Yehi Dua Baar Baar Apko.
Happy Anniversary to Lovely Couple!

Dua Mile Logo Se Khusiyan Mile Jag Se,
Saath Mile Apno Se Rahmat Mile Rab Se,
Zindagi Me Aapko Bepanah Pyaar Mile,
Khus Rahe Aap Duniya Mai Jada Sabse.
Happy Anniversary!

Zindagi Ki Kuch Khas Duaen Lelo Humse,
Saalgirha Par Kuch Najrane Lelo Humse,
Bhar De Rang Jo Apke Jeevan Ke Palo Mai,
Aaj Wo Pyari Mubarak Baad Le Lo Humse.
Happy Anniversary!

Nikalta Hua Sooraj Dua De Apko,
Khilta Hua Phool Khusboo De Apko,
Hum to Kuch Dene Ke Kaabil Nahi,
Khuda Hazar Khushiyan De Apko.
Happy Anniversary!

Rab Se Aapki Khusiyan Maangte Hai,
Duaon Mai Aapki Hansee Maangte Hai
Yu Toh Koi Tohfa Keemti Nahi Lagta Hume,
Par Tumse Umar Bhar Ke Mohabbat Maangte Hai.
Shadi Ki Salgirha Mubarak Ho Mere Humsafar!

Khuda Ki Fursat Me Ek Pal Aya Hoga,
Jab Usne Aap Jaise Pyare Insan Ko Banaya Hoga,
Na Jane Kaunsi Dua Kabool Huyi Humari,
Jo Usne Apko Humse Milaya Hoga.
Happy Anniversary My Sweet Wife!

Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Rehna Tum Hamesha Sang,
Har Pal Har Waqt Khuda Bhare Khusiyon Ke Rang,
Muskurao Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Pal,
Khushiya Lekar Aye Aane Wala Kal.
Happy Anniversary!

Duniya Jise Neend Kehti Hai,
Jane Woh Kya Cheez Hoti Hai,
Aankhe to Hum Bhi Band Karte Hain,
Aur Woh Aapse Milne Ki Tarkeeb Hoti Hai.
Happy Anniversary!

Toofan Me Kashti Ko Kinare Be Mil Jate Hain,
Jahan Me Logon Ko Sahare Be Mil Jate Hain,
Duniya Me Sabse Pyari Hai Zindgi,
Kuch Log Zindgi Se Pyare Be Mil Jate Hain.
Happy Anniversary!

Maine Apni Har Ek Saans Tumhari Gulam Ki Hai,
Logon Ne Ye Meri Zindagi Badnaam Ki Hai,
Ab to Ye Aaina Bhi Mere Kisi Kaam Ka Nahi,
Maine to Apni Parchai Bhi Tumhare Naam Ki Hai.
Happy Aniversery!

Dil Ki Gehrai Se Dua Di Hai Aapko,
Logo Ka Pyar Sada Hi Mile Aapko,
Nazar Na Lage Kabhi Es Pyar Ko,
Chand Sitaro Se Lamba Ho Ye Sath Aapka.
Happy Anniversary!

Do Ajnabi Humsafar Bane the,
Aaj Hi Ka Wo Din Tha, Yaad Hai,
Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Mubarak Ho Aapko,
Khushiyon Se Dil Abaad Rahe.
Happy Anniversary!

Haseen Logon Ke Haseen Pal,
Haseen Palon Ki Roshnaaiyan,
Aap Dono Ke Liye Tahe Dil Se,
Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Ki Badhaiyan.
Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Mubarak Ho!

Is Shaadi Ki Saal Girah Par,
Aapko Dil Se Badhaiyan Dete Hai,
Kyunki Aap Jaise Khaas Log,
Duniya Mein Bahut Kum Hote Hai.
Happy Anniversary!

Khaao, Peeyo, Khush Raho,
Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Aayi Hai,
Kitni Khoobsurati Se Tum Dono Ne,
Apni Haseen Duniya Banayi Hai.
Happy Anniversary!

Khushi Aapke Saath Chale,
Gum Se Na Koi Waasta Rahe,
Aapki Zindagi Ka Har Ek Din,
Aap Dono Ko Dekh Kar Hasta Rahe.
Shaadi Ki Saalgirah Mubarak Ho!

Kuch Log Dil Ke Kareeb Hote Hai,
Unse Milne Waale Khushnaseeb Hote Hai,
Aisa Hi Lagta Hai Aapse Milkar,
Manaao Ye Anniversary Khushi Se Khilkar.
Happy Anniversary!